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N1668 Linda Lou Drive Greenville, WI 54942
Curved transition 1920x
WIENANDT Performance Technology
45+ years of engine development experience preparing two stroke race engines that have won more than 80 titles on the water and more than 200 titles on the snow.

Machine Shop capabilities – in house
Vertical mill – manual, Lots of custom tooling
Lathe – manual 13” swing
Layout and inspection tools
A room dedicated to custom porting with a huge supply of tools for this custom work.

Engine services
Engine assembly for race prep or restoration
Disassembly and cleaning
Wash Tank
Sand blasting
Cylinder boring
Cylinder honing
Custom porting/welding
Engine specific cylinder head prep
Crankshaft truing
Tuned pipe and silencer design
Ignition system custom mapping

Outsource capabilities
Nikasil Bore, Stripping and plating
Sleeves - standard or custom
Cryo treating
Low-friction coating
Crankshaft rebuilding
CNC Machining
Custom Welding (MIG, TIG)
Line2Line Piston coating

SolidWorks 2022
3D printing – 8” cube limit

Dyno facility
Extensive room full of dynamometers.
Vertical and horizontal application

  Sno Vintage
              Sno Drag
              Sno Champ
              Sno Sprint

Outboard racing
   Stock Outboard
              Modified Outboard
              Pro Outboard
              Sport C
              SST 45
              SST 60

              SST 120

Car Racing
      SCCA F500
              Sport Truck


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