Custom Engine Building

Stock Outboard Racing

For the Stock category we offer

Blue Print Porting,   now what does the really mean?
The Stock outboard category is derived from production fishing engines.  All manufacturers work with tolerances in the manufacturing system. Porting is one item that has loose tolerances. After all how hard is it to make a 15 hp motor?
Blue Printing the ports means basically two things.
One is making all the ports the same height and or size. 
Secondly it would be moving them to the side of the tolerance to gain a performance advantage. Should it be a high port engine or should it be a low port engine. Or is the mean spec the best place if they were just placed accurately enough?

What you are paying us to do is to layout your block, we must see where the ports are first.  Many are not correctable or even legal.  Our measuring system can identify these areas. Then we form a game plan on how we can improve your block. And it always, depends on what we have to start with.
There is no set spec, unless we start with a new sleeve with no ports. This is an option and a requirement for mess up blocks.

When we cut ports you come here for two reasons.
Our experience in machining ports to meet APBA specs. Knowing which side of the tolerance I want the port placed.
We do this work on any of the OMC 15 engines and the Mercury 44XS

Any standard Machine shop type work required we can perform.

We have Dyno setups for J, AXS, 25XS Sidewinder and D Merc and Tohatsu with dedicated drive shaft housings all prepared.  See Outboard Dyno section.

APBA – NBRA   Modified Outboard Racing

I stared building Mod engines in 1976. since then there is no way to count the number of Championships the our products have won over the years.

WPT offers advanced cylinder porting needs. 2, 3, 4 or 6 cylinder engines.
Few have seen what we do for porting, even less will talk about it. They better not talk either!  But now, you can get the same work.  It is not as easy as you think and Mike has done this for years. All our porting is done on a vertical mill with digital readouts.
This ensures accuracy.  All other the hand work required is done with industrial porting tools.  We do not want to build complete engines for these classes anymore, however any machining you could need, we can do.

PRO Outboard

Pro outboard racing is a favorite of mine as I consider this my roots in powerboat racing.. I started out with alky Merc deflectors and then Quincy flat heads before moving to Konigs. As an interesting bit of history, I worked for O.F Christner in 1977-78 before returning to Wisconsin and opening my own shop.  I have built winning Konig’s for almost every class and have built many engines from billet.  The many years building championship winning snowmobile engines and exhaust systems along with years working for OEMs as lead project designer of multiple engine projects has given me the deep design experience that is so needed in Pro today.

The modern engines such as VRP and Rossi are nice but, the attrition rate is unacceptable in my opinion. In reviewing these engines in detail, this problem can be corrected.
Fixing the ports and head along with new pipe can increase durability and widen the power band along with increasing the power as well.

WIENANDT Performance Technology can put the science back into the racing engine.
We are preparing a new computerized dyno just for the Pro outboards.  This will be able to confirm all the computer models work. With today’s advanced computer simulation technology, the dyno only validates our work. The days of cut and try are over. The science of engines can be yours!

We highly recommend using AIM Data acquisition systems that we have specially developed for Pro racing. These systems can measure and graph: rpm, speed, throttle position, pipe position, head temp, water temp, plug temp, crankcase pressure, fuel pressure, water pressure EGT and more. WPT can teach you how to read your engine data and what it means. Now days, we look at the computer first, and then the spark plugs.

Correct port and head design for the application.
Spark advance curves and custom ignitions
Custom built exhaust systems.
Nikisil plating.
Dyno testing coming soon.
Complete computer simulation

WPT Racing has proven our engines run out front.

Mercury Deflectors
Quincy Loopers
Quincy Z engines
Konig engines
Yamato engines
Konny engines
VRP engines
Rossi Engines.

OPC racing enignes
From Sport C , SST 45, SST60, SST120 and SST 200.  WPT has a history of preparing winning engines. The proof in in our results. Proper Race engine prep is a key to success. You need the right parts and then you make them into what it takes to win.  WPT can handle them all.

Snowmobile Racing

Vintage Racing Engines 

Vintage racing is certainly one of our favorites. I started working on racing snowmobiles when Vintage was new from the show room yet. If we only knew then, what we know now. Today, we take these old engines, of many different brands and designs and add modern technology. Today’s porting explains why some of those engines ran as poor as they did. We can correct by port grinding, reshaping, welding in ports and re-cutting, re-sleeving with iron liners, sleeving with aluminum liners and then adding new Nikasil to replace old chrome.  Head is done to modern shape and concepts as well as being very precise on new compression ratios.  We can update engines with newer more advanced ignition systems along with race proven carburetion. Certainly our new technology is used in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems
Cylinder Head design is certainly one of our specialties.
WPT Heads are only prepared by hand fitting to the correct engine. This ensures accurate squish clearances with correct squish ratios. All heads have the cc’s measured to verify the correct compression ratio for the fuel you use.  Some cylinders should have the tops cut to help the head work come out correctly. We can provide custom head gaskets for many models.

Race Prep  your Vintage Polaris, Rotax, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Kohler or Rupp…250cc to 800cc…Quote Depends On Needs

Sport Trucks are fun exciting racing in the mid-west. Mike Wienandt has been building engines and pipes for this type of racing since it was Mini Champ racing. And we did that then too.  WPT can prepare your Phazer engine. You will find our engines and the front of the pack.
On the Phazer engine we start with the crank. Race prepping these old parts is important for durability. We alter the crankcase compression ratio, then extensive cylinder porting. We then bore to get closer to the class limit in displacement. We size our cylinder bores with a plateau hone finish to fit Cryogenically treated pistons coated with Line2Line coatings.  Extensive porting is incorporated. The head on a Phazer are difficult to machine. WPT has made special designed special fixturing to machine these heads to a specific effective compression ratio.  We recommend specific fuel and oils for our products.

You can’t beat them by following, you have to pull out to pass. We have developed this engine to pure domination in the Truck racing program.