WIENANDT Performance Technology offers the most extensive Computerized Dynamometers in the performance industry.

With four different active Dynos, WPT can fit all your needs for outboard and snowmobile racing. As well as OEM consulting development work. I had my first dyno in 1978 and with 46 years of dyno development experience you will like the results.  Our dynos are not marketing tools. They are development tools.  We don’t brag HP, we can brag wins.
Dyno #1 Stuska Water Brake is for outboard engines using the drive shaft housing for correct exhaust tuning. This machine will run from 10 to 180 hp with a 10000 rpm limit.  We have dedicated exhaust housings for A OMC, 15 Mercs, Hot Rods, 25 and 44 Mercs, Sport C Tohatsu, 50 D Tohatsu, SST 45, and SST 60 engines.
Dyno #2 Stuska Water Brake is for Snowmobile engine up to 300 hp with a 12000 rpm limit. This machine is set up to bolt your engine directly to our frame and connect to the crank shaft. This unit can run air or water cooled engines using blowers and water tanks.
Dyno #3 Stuska Water Brake is built for high rpm pipe engines. This will hold 150 HP up to 15000 rpms.  This is setup for outboards for Pro and Mod racers, VRP, Rossi, Yamato 80 and Yamato C Mod 102 or 302 and 321s.  This machine will be replaced in the spring of 2023 with a Froude Eddy Current Dyno # 9 currently under construction.
Dyno #6 is a Froude Eddy Current Dyno.  This is setup horizontal for snowmobiles engines and will carry up to 150 hp at 11000 rpms. This is an incredible machine for doing part throttle work of engine mapping and calibration work.
No other shop prepares such a wide variety of winning race engines.

After preparing an engine, WPT can break it in on the dyno much better than you can on the field. Think of the time you won’t have to waste just riding around. We have pre-programed break in schedules that can break in your engine under variable loads and while monitoring everything. This is not only a time saver for you but a performance advantage.

Besides a superior break in, we can do power development and tuning.

Every 100 RPMs we monitor and record
Corrected Torque
Corrected Brake Horse Power
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
Fuel use, in pound per hour.
Brake Mean Effective Pressure
Exhaust Gas Temp
Air Inlet Temp
Head Temp on each cylinder
Exhaust Temp
Exhaust Pressure
Water Temp out
In Cylinder Pressure can be monitored for EFI calibrations on scopes as well as ignition details.

All this can be placed on a graph so it all make sense.

With this service, we create what we call a drop on powerhead for outboard racing. Broken in and tuned, ready for you to install and race that day.

For the Snowmobile racers we also can complete a better Break-in program better than you can in the field. And after the tuning, we can tell you where the timing is set and why, how to jet it for weather and what rpm to clutch to and why.

It’s no longer good enough to say, I think it’s better?
We can prove it.
Without data, your just another person with an opinion.

There are two more eddy Current Dynos being prepared for future applications.