WPT is available for consulting on two stroke projects.  Commercial, Competition or Military.

Mike has years of experience in all these fields.  Can start with a simple Bench Evaluation. We disassemble your engine and document details.  Can advise the good and the bad and you decide what you want to do about it with in your budget.  Can work from solid models and drawings as well.  WPT uses SolidWorks and many other computer simulation software programs. Can write Assembly procedures, Testing plans and Evaluation gates.

Manufacturing, Mike has relationships with pattern shops, Foundries and many machine shops. Can aid in designs to achieve your goals. Durability and ease of assembly are all part of a big plan.

Executives have a challenge with understanding engines.  All the details have to go in the correct order.  Things some time take time to develop into the correct answer.  Knowing how to get to the end is our strength.  Traveling to your facility is possible.

On none conflicting dates WPT is available for on site race management and computer analysis.

In house testing and Dyno facility available.
There is a rate chart available on request.  NDAs are standard issues.