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Wienandt Performance Technology

Wienandt Performance Technology (WPT) is owned and operated by Mike Wienandt who has worked in the two stroke engine performance industry since 1977.  WPT is a High Performance Shop that specializes in custom preparation of engines and development projects specifically designed to meet customer needs.  We do not generally repair engines or do general consumer engine service.  Rather, WPT is a specialty race shop, working for established race teams and OEM consulting. Mike is a development specialist.  Contracts with “Non-Disclosure agreements” are common in our performance work. The scope of work includes the following:  complete machine shop, grinding area, layout and inspection, three levels of wash tanks, assembly area, Four dynamometers,  and ignition testing with oscilloscopes. Mike and WPT can offer you consulting services with the most advanced computer engine modeling software in the world.  Additional custom work and manufacturing are also within the scope of our services. And what about our success: We have more National and World titles than we can keep track of anymore.  In short, WEINANDT Performance Technology can provide for you the TLC that few other high performance centers can even consider. Design and development is our specialty with 45+ years of experience. 
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Mission Statement

WIENANDT Performance Technology (WPT) will provide the best engine possible within the guidelines you provide.  When you win, we win, and that is very important to us.  Advanced technology along with WPT quality and experience gives us our advantage, we want to share that with you to bring you to the winner’s circle. We want to do it first, and we want to do it better. That is our goal and commitment.

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