Stock Outboard Racing

For the Stock category we offer

Blue Print Porting,   now what does the really mean?
The Stock outboard category is derived from production fishing engines.  All manufacturers work with tolerances in the manufacturing system. Porting is one item that has loose tolerances. After all, how hard is it to make a 15 hp motor?
Blue Printing the ports means basically two things.
One is making all the ports the same height and or size.   
Secondly it would be moving them to the side of the tolerance to gain a performance advantage. Should it be a high port engine or should it be a low port engine. Or is the mean spec the best place if they were just placed accurately enough?

What you are paying us to do is to layout your block, we must see where the ports are first.  Many are not correctable or even legal.  Our measuring system can identify these areas. Then we form a game plan on how we can improve your block. And it always, depends on what we have to start with.
There is no set spec, unless we start with a new sleeve with no ports. This is an option and a requirement for messed up blocks.

When we cut ports you come here for two reasons.
Our experience in machining ports to meet APBA specs. Knowing which side of the tolerance I want the port placed.  
We do this work on any of the OMC 15 engines and the Mercury 44XS and Merc 15s

Any standard Machine shop type work required we can perform.

We have Dyno setups for A OMC, Merc J, 15, 25 and D with dedicated drive shaft housings all prepared. Also Hot Rod and Yamatos.   See Outboard Dyno section.