Vintage Oval Racing Engines 

Vintage racing is certainly one of our favorites. I started working on racing snowmobiles when Vintage was new from the show room yet. If we only knew then, what we know now. Today, we take these old engines, of many different brands and designs and add modern technology. Today’s porting explains why some of those engines ran as poor as some did. We can correct port the engine by reshaping and detail the port timing to very accuate spec.  Welding in ports and re-cutting, re-sleeving with iron liners or sleeving with aluminum liners along with new Nikasil to replace old chrome bores.  Head is done to modern shape and concepts as well as being very precise on new compression ratios and squish volocity.  We can update engines with newer more advanced ignition systems along with race proven carburetion. Certainly our new technology is used in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems
Race Prep  your Vintage Polaris, Rotax, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Kohler or Rupp, Sachs and Hirth…250cc to 800cc…Quote Depends On Needs

Cylinder Head design is certainly one of our specialties.
WPT Heads are only prepared by hand fitting to the correct engine. This ensures accurate squish clearances with correct squish ratios. All heads have the cc’s measured to verify the correct compression ratio for the fuel you use.  Some cylinders should have the tops cut to help the head work come out correctly. We can provide custom made head gaskets for many models.

Dynamometer Service (per day)…8 hours……………………….…$500
Racers may come to our facility or ship engines to the WPT for Dyno for tuning and evaluation of many engines in a days time or fine tune a given engine. See which of your engines is better and tune the best performance out of each one.  Find the correct Rpm range, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, are things you can now verify with solid data, no longer just opinion.  

You need to provide good parts to work from and WPT can prepare Quality, Legal Race Engine using techniques acquired from 45+ years of preparing race engines.  Each engine is prepared to the best of the ability of the parts provided. New parts will be recommended when required. It is our goal to make every engine, a winning engine.